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Get Travel Ready with Boost Infinite’s Latest Global Roaming Solution

Boost Infinite customers can stay connected in destinations across the world

LITTLETON, Colo. – Mar. 5, 2024 – As spring break approaches, many Americans are gearing up for exciting overseas trips. That’s why Boost Infinite is introducing their latest Global Roaming solution—empowering customers with top-tier connectivity while they travel the globe with high-speed data, talk and text within select destinations and back to the U.S.

For an introductory price of just $20/month (that’s less than $1/day), Global Roaming includes 1GB of high-speed data across multiple destinations around the world. If the need arises, Boost Infinite customers can easily add more data for only $10 per additional GB.1

Adding Global Roaming to your line is as simple as ‘add to cart’. Boost Infinite customers can enable Global Roaming within the Boost Infinite app by tapping: Manage Add-Ons → Enable Global Roaming → Confirm and Add.

“Global Roaming stays active on a Boost Infinite line until it’s removed, making it easier than ever to ensure coverage, especially on extended travel adventures. Plus, Boost Infinite will never charge unexpected roaming fees for text or high-speed data usage while abroad.

“Boost Infinite is all about providing customers with reliable wireless service at a great value, and that is front and center with our latest offering–Global Roaming. Customers can expect coverage across a growing list of international destinations for less than $1/day,” said Jeremy McCarty, Head of Boost Infinite. “With Global Roaming, customers also gain access to the Boost International Care team, giving them 24-hour-7-days-a-week support no matter where they are.”

A list of available destinations can be viewed on our growing Global Roaming Country List. Additional destinations may be accessible based on your SIM Card or device type. Customers are encouraged to continue to check this list, as Boost Infinite remains dedicated to adding additional destinations.

For more information on Global Roaming and everything you need to know before and during an international trip,  please read the Travel Checklist.

Still have questions about the new Global Roaming service? The Boost International Care Team is available 24/7 at +1 303-557-7090.

For all of Boost Infinite’s Add-Ons, please go to the Add-Ons page.

1Additional Data: Up to 9 additional gigabytes can be purchased. This additional data expires in 30 days and will need to be added again if you continue to need more data.